How to learn effectively


Victory is just around the corner, just remember that in order to get there you need to befriend your own brain and ‘boost’ your neurons in the appropriate way. So, let’s see what can help you to learn words in a foreign language faster. To begin with, study the list below.

·           engaging emotions

·           engaging senses

·           movement

·           engaging different learning styles (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic)

·           creating mind-maps

·           building associations between new words and ones you already know

·           personalisation

·           looking for associations between new words and personal experience

·           grouping words

·           learning words and phrases in a context

·           trying to use/memorise the word/phrase in a sentence

·           using/creating flashcards

·           using mnemonics

·           creating stories

·           playing games

·           visualising new vocabulary, using images, drawings

·           revising new words with a learning partner

·           using an English-English dictionary

·           looking for synonyms and antonyms

·           creating your own recordings with new vocabulary and listening to them on public transport or in your car


Interested in more methods? Study the article 500 English Words in a Month from English Matters 76 available at