Christmas Dialogues – Let’s Practice



Discussing Presents


Peter: Now that we’ve all finished eating, we’d like to welcome you to the gift-giving part of our celebration.

Mark: I’ll volunteer to pass out the gifts. Let’s look at this gigantic box. What could be in here?

Susan: That one’s from me. It’s actually for you Mark. Merry Christmas!

Mark: Aw, thanks Susan. What about this gift? This has to be the most dazzling wrapping paper I’ve ever seen.

Peter: I’d also like to know who brought that present here tonight. It outshines all the others under the Christmas tree.

Susan: That one’s mine too. I guess I just got a little creative.

Peter: Hang on a sec. Wait for everyone to get at least one gift so we can open them all together.



Starting a Dinner


Martha: OK, I’d like to get everyone’s drinks taken care of first. What’ll everyone be drinking?

Eliza: Before anyone says anything, I want to announce that I brought over some of my homemade eggnog. Feel free to have some.

Brad: Wow, that sounds divine. I’ll have one for sure.

Amanda: Do you have anything that’s warmer? Perhaps a mulled wine?

Martha: We’ve just finished brewing our hot apple cider. Will that do?

Amanda: Yes, that’d be perfect.

Charlie: And just so we don’t forget, could we get the children some hot chocolate first? I could come with you to the kitchen to offer a hand.

Martha: Sure, that’d be really helpful. Once the kids’ drinks are sorted, we’ll be back with what you’ve all asked for.



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