What Kind of Friends are These?

Linguistically speaking, false friends are words that sound similar in two languages, but have a different meaning!

Let’s take a look at some words which are often confused in English and Polish:

Polish word False Friend (meaning) Correct word in English  
Aktualny Actual (fact; something that is true) Current; contemporary
Dres Dress (a flowing piece of clothing worn
by women)
Ekspedient Expedient (quick) Sales assistant
Ewentualny Eventual (something that will happen in
due course)
Genialny Genial (cheerful and friendly) Brilliant
Hazard Hazard (a dangerous thing) Gambling
Lunatyk Lunatic (someone who is crazy) Sleepwalker
Ordynarny Ordinary (someone/thing with no distinguishing features) Vulgar; Rude
Parapet Parapet (a low protective wall) Windowsill; Ledge
Pupil Pupil (student) Teacher’s pet
Sympatyczny Sympathetic (someone who understands
the problems faced by others)
Szef Chef (someone who heads a restaurant kitchen) Boss


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