‘Fish & chips’, ‘fried breakfasts’ and the much loved ‘Sunday roast’ – all well-known meals that anyone setting foot in Great Britain simply has to try. But there’s another dish which over the years British people have taken to their hearts and adopted as their own – the curry.

Although curries are believed to have originated in India way back in 1700 BC, there is evidence that Brits have been enjoying the spicy dishes since the 14th Century and these days it’s estimated around 23 million of them eat curries on a regular basis.

Dishes such as Kormas (mild), Massalas (medium), Jalfrezis (hot) and Vindaloos (bucket of water required!) are just a few of the standards on offer and that’s before you even get tucked into the side dishes such as vegetable pakoras and garlic naan breads. If you’re unsure about what to order, then one of the UK’s 9,000 Indian restaurants will certainly help out.

In last year’s British Curry Awards, a whopping 206,378 votes were cast in a number of categories and PM David Cameron sent a special video message in which he stated, “These awards are a great night for this country. Curry is one of our country’s greatest achievements and one of our most exciting exports too.”

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