A New Age of Photos

Remember when taking photos was something of a big deal? Lugging your camera around with you, making sure the batteries were charged and positioning your friends or family in front of the chosen site to make sure everything was inch-perfect. After all, you only had one or two chances to get it right.

And that’s before you trekked down to the photo shop to get them developed – waiting days before you picked them up. Praying they turned out right, praying that everyone was looking in the right direction and that the sun was in the right place?

Nowadays, photos fly around like there’s no tomorrow. Smart phones and sites like Facebook and Instagram mean pics can be uploaded and sent to all and sundry within seconds. It’s fantastic! Instant memories and instant good times.

Having said that, it’s almost refreshing to see people who take it a bit more seriously. Those who still cart their much-loved cameras out with them to snap well-loved sites or special moments with a good old-fashioned device.

I miss the excitement. The buzz of heading down to the shop to collect the photos after handing in the film to be developed. The anticipation and wait. It’s a feeling that can’t be replicated. 

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