A Question of Taste

Last week I was lucky enough to have two friends come to visit me for a few days and, being the good friends they are, I was treated to all kinds of luxuries from back home. It was like Christmas all over again.

But what kind of luxuries could I be talking about? After all, Ryanair only allows a minimal amount of luggage space and weight per passenger…

Well, food. And a healthy variety of it. I was treated to two packs of sausages, proper Danish bacon (smoked and unsmoked) and a block of real English cheddar cheese – I couldn’t believe my luck!

Don’t get me wrong, Poland produces some fantastic food – I am still particularly impressed by the wide choice of sausages on offer when you walk into a butchers. But sometimes there’s nothing quite like a bit of home-grown grub (well, perhaps not the Danish bacon) to hit the spot.

Here’s hoping my friend’s return again soon before I run out.

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