Setting off for the Slopes

Hailing from the sunny climbs of Northern England, skiing isn’t a sport I was particularly into as a kid. In fact, it’s only been the last two years that I’ve started watching it and that was basically to appease my Polish friends.

However, after a few goes on a local dry ski slope, I’ve really started to enjoy it and am ready to give it a go on the proper slopes.

So, where to go? I’ve visited Zakopane before and have even trekked over the border to the Czech town of Harrachov, although these were for summer trips which required a good pair of hiking boots as opposed to skis.

So with a few days holiday left to take, I’m considering getting a cheap flight to Italy and making my way up to Livigno. It looks the bee’s knees.

Where’s the best location you’ve ever been skiing? We’d be interested to get your feedback…

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