A Not-too-Smart Move

As the WHOLE WORLD is rushing out and buying smart phones, I found myself in the very embarrassing position of having to resort back to my old Nokia 3310 this week! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t through choice. It occurred when my brand new Christmas smart phone got left in the hands of my three-year-old niece who then did her very best to completely destroy it.

Normally I’m quite a forgiving uncle. But when you have an important meeting with two of your firm’s main bosses scheduled at 10am, bringing out a phone which went out of date before the Ice Age doesn’t create the best impression!

Luckily once I explained the mishap to them, they saw the funny side and had a good laugh about it. I suppose there’s not much else you can do really. One thing’s for sure, as soon as I get a free 30 minutes, I’m ordering myself another smart phone. I can’t be doing with this thing any longer.

On the plus side, playing ‘Snake’ again has been great fun!

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