“You’ll float too…”

If you’re anything like me, you will have spent countless nights as a child with the lights on for fear of things that crawled in the dark. Strange noises, evil spirits and zombies were all things that scared me stiff but there was one thing that stood out more than anything – clowns.

The reason for this was of course Stephen King’s spooky book and film ‘It’.

Well imagine my horror when I saw the new trailer for the upcoming remake, due out in September. Just when I thought I had finally overcome my fear of these horrific monsters in make up, they go and release a new version! Of course I had to watch the trailer, to see what it was all about, but I watched it through my fingers and I kept the light on again that night – the first time for years…

So tell us, will you be going to watch the film when it’s released? Or will you be avoiding it at all costs? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

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