Booking a Flight!

Next week sees me jetting off on my summer holidays to Tenerife. Can’t wait! But amongst all the excitement comes that huge problem that always arises when going anywhere for any length of time – which books to take?

As someone who doesn’t own a kindle, getting it right first time is essential and here’s the three on my shortlist:

1. ‘Is That Mic Off?’ – Phil Mason & Matthew Parris. A quirky book which offers readers the chance to see some of the many gaffes and slips muttered by politicians. Quite a funny read apparently.

2. ‘Human Punk’ – John King. A tale of four mates set over three different decades as they grow up, their lives influenced by music, friends and post-industrial Britain.

3. ‘Look at Me Look at Me’ – Dom Joly. From the man that brought us the hilarious ‘Trigger Happy TV’, this book is an alternative take on the comedian’s life and is bound to be amusing.

Any other recommendations before I fly off? It’s always good to get a few fresh ideas from others and I’d be keen to hear yours.

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