Hats & Horses

Those who were lucky enough to find themselves in the UK on Saturday April 14th, will have got to witness one of the country’s finest sporting traditions – The Grand National.

First started way back in 1839, the event is a series of horse races over a one day period which millions tune in to watch on TV. The main event is a 6.9 km race with a £1 million prize fund – the most prestigious in Europe. But of course, while most watch at home or in pubs, the main place to be is at the race track in person, where men get suited and booted and the ladies have a chance to try out their latest extravagant hat to impress the crowds with.

It’s always customary for the adults to put on a few bets on a horse they fancy and sometimes to even put a small bet on for their children – if they’ve been good! But it’s always a great day for the family, and a great British tradition…