Breakfast ideas  –  peanut-butter coated frozen banana with sprinkles


This breakfast definitely gets the award for the fanciest name! Sprinkles, in case you are wondering, are any topping that is small and numerous, and added
using a sprinkling action (basically you drop the small bits of something on the bigger something and call it ‘sprinkles’ to make it sound nice…which it is).

They are sometimes chopped nuts and sometimes flakes of chocolate. You can even buy ‘sprinkles’ in the shops – this type are small pieces of sugar, processed with colouring to make them all the bright colours of the rainbow that children can’t get enough of.

Whichever sprinkle you choose, to make this cold breakfast, simply cut a banana in half, put it on a skewer or lollipop stick, coat it in peanut butter and sprinkles, and then

Don’t wait too long to eat it after removing it from the freezer in the morning!


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