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Below you’ll find two examples from the new EM Calendar Special Edition.


1. Good & Goodness
Underline the phrases with a positive meaning.


I was over the moon.
I cried my eyes out when I discovered I’d failed the exam.
She looked down in the mouth. Do you know what happened?
I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.
My heart sank when I saw my boss in the morning.
His words were music to my ears.
to fail sth | tu: oblać, nie zdać czegoś
to grin | szeroko się uśmiechać

2. Helping Hand
Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box.
throw some light on, jog his memory,
do me a good turn, back me up
Can you, please, _____________ next time we have a team
meeting to discuss the latest project?
I always need to__________________. He’s already 85 and
forgets about lots of things.
_____________________ and do the shopping today, please.
These new articles __________________ the problem, I hope
it will help us.


to throw some light on sth | rzucić na coś światło
to do sb a good turn | oddać komuś przysługę
to back sb up | wesprzeć kogoś

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