English Tenses. To -ing or not  to -ing?

Some English verbs are considered to be stative verbs. These verbs are not meant to be used in continuous tenses. Some of the most common stative verbs are like, love and hate.
When you say that you like dogs, you’re stating a general fact about yourself. You’re not liking dogs at this particular moment, you’re just a dog person. But then we’ve got
perhaps the most popular fast-food slogan ever – I’m loving it. Does it mean that marketing specialists at McDonald’s are not familiar with the basic rules of English grammar?
Of course not. It turns out that idiomatic use of some stative verbs is perfectly natural. For example when complimenting somebody, you can say I’m loving the new jacket. When
you go on vacation you can tell your friends you’re liking it there. If you want to let somebody know youunderstand them, just say I’m hearing you. Rules are meant to be broken,


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