A Simple Act of Kindness

We’ve all been in that horrible situation where you’ve got home and discovered that something is missing from you pocket or bag. But when that something happens to be your wallet or purse then panic really does kick in.

That’s exactly what happened to me earlier this week as I returned home from work. After sitting down with a well-earned cup of tea I began looking for my wallet only to find it was nowhere in sight. I suddenly felt sick.

I contacted the office but it wasn’t there and I couldn’t even think back to the last time I had seen it. But before I could begin phoning my bank to cancel my cards, I received a call from the local bus station and was informed that some kind soul had handed it in after finding it on a seat. One hour later I was reunited with my wallet – with everything in place.

I wasn’t even able to thank the person, but it’s nice to know there are still good, honest people out there.

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