Perfect Pets

Every morning as I’m sat with my coffee on the balcony before work, I’m treated to the sight of the little Yorkshire Terrier in the opposite building bounding around and eating his breakfast.

He’s a cute little thing and I’m now seriously considering getting a dog of my own.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few pets in my time – from goldfish, to hamsters to dogs, all of which have brought a huge amount of pleasure. Perhaps my favourite pet was Quaver, our loveable family Labrador Retriever. She was initially trained as a guide dog but didn’t quite make the grade and was then adopted by us for a small donation to charity.

Of course pets are not replaceable, so I am now thinking a different breed of dog, perhaps a Yorkshire Terrier similar to the one that lives opposite me.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, and we’d also love to hear about your favourite family pet…

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