Total Balderdash!

Over the weekend I was introduced to the fantastic board game Balderdash. The word itself means ‚senseless talk or nonsense’ and the game is extremely enjoyable to play.


It basically involves a number of cards containing lists of unusual laws, strange events, difficult words and acronyms and players having to make up their own definitions to them. The rest of the players must then try to guess the real answer contained on the card to score points. For each point, you move your counter forward and the first person to make their way around the board wins.


Sound complicated? Well it really isn’t once you get into it and it’s also a great way of increasing your English vocabulary. We played it for well over three hours and had a barrel of laughs!


So if you know of anyone who has a birthday coming up, or you just fancy treating yourself to a new game, get online now and order yourself a box!

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