Great British Talents

The Brits are renowned for many talents and anyone visiting the country will be left amazed by their behaviour, habits and strange little quirks. They are an eccentric nation and sometimes it’s hard to understand their way of doing things.

Their ability to make a mammoth meal out of a breakfast, for example. What other country chooses to eat sausages, mushrooms, bacon, black pudding and baked beans before work?! Then there is their love of queues. This is something of a national sport and their ability to stand in a straight line for hours is both staggering and confusing.

During a recent trip to London, I was reminded of another favourite British pastime – discussing the weather. The day started off mild, then got sunnier. But by lunch time it was freezing and we were hit by hailstones. For Brits, this was heaven! Being able to talk about such a change in the weather was a dream come true. It put a huge smile on my face and also those around me.

If anyone here has visited Britain, we’d love to hear what little quirks you have noticed. I’m sure there are plenty more I have missed out.

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