A Good Deed For The Day

Here’s a simple question for you all out there: When was the last time you made somebody smile?

I’m not talking about friends, or a joke you’ve told, but the last time you’ve done a good deed for someone. The reason I ask, is this week I stopped into my usual cafe on the way to work and sat down with a cup of tea to read the paper. As I went to leave and pay my tab, I found out that it had already been paid for by an anonymous person who had already left.

I tried to find out who it was, but they had left no details, no number and no note. It was purely a random act of kindness – and one which left a huge smile on my face.

In retaliation, I decided to do the same. Two days ago, upon paying my bill, I decided to pay for an extra cup of tea for the next client who walked through the door. I have no idea who it was for and whether they got the same enjoyment I had, but I hope they did.

So we’re asking when was the last time you made someone smile? Have you done your good deed for the week?

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