Anyone who’s been following the news over the last few weeks will no doubt be aware of the terrible predicament Ryanair and its customers are in.

With numerous flights cancelled, thousands of passengers have been left in dire straights and the situation looks extremely messy. The whole thing got me thinking about some of the times I’ve been stuck in airports and to be honest they are (closely followed by dentist’s waiting rooms) some of the worst places in the world to be sat in.

I remember spending one night in an airport in Italy with my good friend Jim after not having enough money on our cards to pay for the flight. After hours of deliberations, one kind employee offered to book the flight for us on his card and we gave him the euros in cash. It was a kind gesture and one I have never forgotten. We eventually made it back home and managed to laugh about the whole thing afterwards but at the time it was far from funny.

Dedicated to Jim Smith. RIP

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