Open Mic – Alright!

When it comes to entertainment, those that know me will tell you Karaoke is not something I particularly enjoy. Why people are quite happy to sit around and listen to drunken fools butcher their favourite songs is something I will never understand.

However, the idea of a good old Open Mic night is a different kettle of fish. There is a proud dignity in people standing up in front of a microphone, picking up a guitar and performing a song for everyone else to enjoy.

Last weekend, myself and some friends found ourselves in one of Warsaw’s better bars which had an Open Mic night on and we were treated to some stunning performances – songs by The Beatles, Elvis, The Kinks, Dire Straits and many more. Such was the mood of the evening, I even braved the stage and had a bash myself, belting out a (hopefully decent) version of my favourite Green Day tune.

My conclusion? Karaoke? No. Open Mic? Alright!

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