The Gift of Giving

Ask a group of people what their favourite part of Christmas is and most likely you’ll get a different bunch of answers. For some it will be the Christmas roast – turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings. For others it may be the time spent with family, the days free from work or the chance to build snowmen and sledge down hills. Presents are also a huge part for many people, not only receiving them, but giving them too.

The look on my nephew and nieces’ faces as they get to open their wrapped gifts is a joy to behold and their excitement helps make the day what it is. Picking things you know they will love and things they will get continued use out of is important. Picking up tips throughout the year and making a mental note of “That’s what I’ll get them!” way back in July is a skill I have now managed to hone!

Merry Christmas to all our readers and enjoy your time, however you spend it.

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