A Fabulous February

Well, It’s been a few weeks since all those New Year Resolutions were made.

Cut back on the chocolate, get to the gym, spend less time in front of the TV. But how many have you actually been able to keep? It’s not an easy question to answer is it :-)

If you’re like us here up at English Matters Towers, then you have probably ditched most of them by now. But it’s still not too late! See, we think that February might actually be a better month to begin with all the healthy stuff instead.

Far too much emphasis is placed on doing it all after Christmas and January isn’t the right time to get into it. Why not start next week? What we’ve planned to do is take up a new sport or hobby. Something to either take our minds off things or get ourselves out and about. This way we can get over the guilt of January and still get in shape for the year ahead. Sound good? Well, come join us!

We’d like to hear what you’ve got in mind. So, please let us know…

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