Snow is Falling…

What with the snow falling so heavily in the UK, my recent trip back in February was marred with a number of problems.

1) Flights were delayed due to the bad weather.

2) Road were closed when I arrived at Liverpool Airport, so I was unable to drive to my home town in the North East of England.

3) My favourite shop had run out of pasties and sandwiches.

Ok, so perhaps the last problem wasn’t that big an ordeal, but the first two just go to show how poorly Great Britain is prepared for the winter period. It’s the same every time we get a bit of snow – schools are closed and the motorways come to a standstill.

Poland might not have the same motorways that the UK does, but at least the roads are still open and the shops can deliver what people want to buy! It’s incredible how badly Britain is prepared for this – but it happens again and again…

So, we’d like to know what are your worst winter period stories. Does anybody have any?