Theatre Time

Two weeks ago I found myself taken by surprise when I was presented with two tickets for the theatre. Now, the theatre is somewhere I don’t find myself frequenting on a regular basis (I much prefer to go for the easy option and have a night at the cinema with a box of nachos).

However, if you care to do a bit of digging, there are some very good options for the cultured foreigner looking to get their theatrical fix. Capitol Theatre for example offers performances with subtitles, as does Teatr Dramatyczny. As anyone who has relied on subtitles in the past will know, these are a great help with those shows which are harder to follow.

So while it was the first time I’d set foot in a theatre for a good year or three, we had a jolly good night out and I’m quite looking forward to seeing what else is on offer soon.

Tell, us what other theatres would you recommend around the country? I’d be keen to hear about more.